Thursday, April 12, 2007

Who reads me?

Very few leave a comment. Anyway, as I said from the begining, I am writing this more for me than for someone else. But I find interesting to know what langauge people arriving here have their browser in.
I live in a Spanish speaking country and my browser is in English. It is not in Norwegian only because I am too lazy. But I feel more comfortable with English. The above graph shows the language visitors of this blog use (the last 100, excluding me): English, Spanish, Norwegian, French, Danish, Ukrainian, Korean, Greek, German and Arabic.
Recently, I've had visitors from Turkey and Romania. But the languages spoken there do not show in the graph.
I wonder how that graph would be if I wrote in Spanish or Esperanto.


Ulo said...

Write in esperanto!


Nats snuskelusken said...

Mi vere pensis pri tio. Sed skribado en la angla estas pli facile ol en la Esperanta :p Kaj pli da homoj povas legi al mi se mi skribas en la angla. Eble mi ankaux faros tradukitan blogon. Eble! :p

Osman said...

A late comment but I use Firefox and it is in english. Could that be reason why it doesn't show Turkish, Javi?

Nats snuskelusken said...

Yep, that's the reason. Many of us have our webbrowsers in a different language. mine is not in English either. But the graphic doesn't show my activity here.