Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chinese numbers

I need to post here in order to not to forget it. Chinese numbers are easier than I had thought. Or at least the way they are formed beyond ten.
1 一 yī

2 二 èr
3 三 sān
4 四 sì
5 五 wǔ
6 六 liù
7 七 qī
8 八 bā
9 九 jiǔ
10 十 shí
0 零 / 〇 líng
The strokes are taken from the same site I did last time. And now, here's an audio file. It'll make it easier!
Once you know these eleven numbers, counting to up to 99 is easy thing:
11 (10+1) 十一 shíyī
12 (10+2) 十二 shí'èr
13 (10+3) 十三 shísān
19 (10+9) 十九 shíjiǔ
20 (2x10) 二十 èrshí
21 (2x10 + 1) 二十一 èrshíyī
22 (2x10 + 2) 二十二 èrshí'èr
30 (3x10) 三十 sānshí
40 (4x10) 四十 sìshí
90 (9x10) 九十 jiǔshí
99 (9x10 + 9) 九十九 jiǔshíjiǔ
Again, an audio file. Whoever is ready for an exercise, here it is! Or take a quiz!!
Today we also "learned" how to say our date of birth. It'd go something like 我 生日是 1975年 9月6号.

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