Thursday, February 15, 2007

Artificial languages

They are also called conlangs (from constructed language). But the termn artificial may make feel awkward to more than one person. Thus, many prefer to call them planned languages.
Why would someone care about doing such a crazy thing as a conlang? Don't we have enough with all languages out there as to start creating our own language?
There might be several reasons as for one would try to create a conlang. And based on this, we have the first way to categorize them.
  • to ease human communication. These conlangs are refered as auxlangs (auxiliary languages)
  • to be as part of a fictional environment in art. As in many well-known TV series, movies and books. They are caled artlangs (artistcal languages).
  • to experiment on something. These are called engelangs (engineered languages) and they may be of two types: philosophical languages and loglangs (logical languages).
but we can make another kind of division, depending on whence vocabulary or grammar comes from. They can be:
  • a priori, if its elemets were created from scratch
  • a posteriori, if the elements are derived from one or more natural languages.

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