Friday, February 16, 2007

I think there is no day in which I don't need to take a look at Wikipedia. You do a search about a topic and chances are that Wikipedia has an article about it. It could be only a stub, but at least there is something.
What is so amazing about this site? Wikipedia is a free content encyclopedia. Its articles are written, reviewed and updated by hundres of volunteers.
The name Wikipedia is a portmanteau, from wiki and encyclopedia. Till today, Wikipedia has more than six million articles in 250 languages. No doubt it is one of the twelve most visited sites on the net!
The ten biggest editions are:
Some say Wikipedia's main problems are that, as being edited by so many people, it is not reliable, accurate, subject to vandalism, not consistent. But truth is that those problems do not affect the genral content of it. This is, the quality of the information obtained there is good.

Most of what I'll be writing here will be taken from Wikipedia.
Are African languages important?
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