Tuesday, February 13, 2007


There is something I am interested in. Languages. It is not my only interest, of course, but I want to learn more about this topic. And that's why I'll start this. I am not planning to add state-of-the art knowledge. I just want to keep track of things I am learning. I am a newbie, and I think I'll always be. But that doesn't keep me away for wishing to learn something.
Before starting this, I've checked other blogs with similar topics. Very aknowledble people are writing there. And of course I'll be following those blogs too!
As I am writing only for myself and not for any audience, I won't bother to worry if I am original or not.
If someone thinks most of what is here is just plagiarism... well... I am indeed trying to make my own all these ideas. Isn't that what we do when we study? I am not claming the things that sound intellignt are mine. All typos and the like are. And the rambling thoughts. But I am not going to write here to be taken as intellectual or something, so... no, it is NOT me who will be talking here. But I am too lazy to cite.

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Meagan DiMaggio said...

Hi. My name is Meagan. Would you please help me to translate these four phrases, I can not seem to get the same definition more that a few times.

hjerternes slag
sorte skyer
to sjale
sod musik

thank you so much if you will